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Did you know that when making an insurance claim, a photo is worth nearly as much as a receipt to your insurance company?

Smoky Mountains Virtual Tours has the perfect solution.  With our Home Inventory Tour, we can photograph the valuables of your choice as well as the outside and inside of your home and put those photographs on a DVD so you will have them in case of a fire, flood, theft or other bad event.  

Just having your insurance policy doesn't always mean you can recoup your losses in the event of a disaster.  Most people are simply not able to remember every item that they have in their home and sometimes receipts get misplaced or were not stored offsite.  

So if a disaster does strike, and an insurance adjuster comes to assess the damage from a loss, no receipts and no pictures can equal no payment.  

Proving your losses by memory alone is not a good solution.  This is especially true when it comes to family heirlooms and items that may have been passed down between generations.

Protect your belongings today by calling Smoky Mountains Virtual Tours to schedule your Home Inventory Tour.

Home Inventory Tours cost is $200.00

and includes the following:

1.  Photographing up to 50 items of your choice.

2.  Both still and Panoramic photos of your home inside and out.

3.  Two DVD's of your tour for you to store in a safe place.

Call today,

tomorrow could be too late!

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